The first public Rock dataset on Mars.

Description: a rock segmentation dataset of real Martian scenes for the training of deep networks, which were collected by a Mastcam camera of the Curiosity rover on Mars between August 2012 and November 2018.
Download: MarsData; MarsData-V2
Reference: A Kernel-Based Multi-Featured Rock Modeling and Detection Framework for a Mars Rover;
     RockFormer: a U-shaped Transformer Network for Martian Rock Segmentation

Panoramic image segmentation dataset on Mars.

Description: The first panorama dataset of unstructured Martian terrains for semantic and instance segmentation.
Download: MarsScapes.
Reference: A hybrid attention semantic segmentation network for unstructured terrain on Mars

SynMars:a wide-angle synthetic semantic segmentation dataset for unstructured scenes like Mars.

Description: a wide-angle semantic segmentation dataset for unstructured scenes like Mars. It contains a large number of rocks of different sizes, all of which are labeled regardless of size, helping to more accurately assess the robustness of various segmentation methods.
Download: SynMars
Reference: MarsFormer: Martian Rock Semantic Segmentation with Transformer

LaTeX template for CUST thesis.

Description: The LaTeX template for CUST thesis(unofficial).
Download: custhesis.
Reference: hyper