Our overarching goal is to explore space science. To do so, we use and develop novel techniques and tools to .

Our goal is to develop techniques that enable us to address the questions we find most interesting. We further have group members with different background and interests, working together on computer vision and robots.

Here are some themes and techniques that we currently work on:

Object detection for planetary rover and obriter. . We have been focusing on planetary surface exploration for the rover in the necessary of its perception, planning, learning and control. Our work spans conceptual and algorithm design through to experimantation in robots that explore the unkown places on planer like Mars. Much of our research is relevant to ongoing and feature space activities.

In addition, we also continued work on detection of space debris for the safety of spacecraft.

Bionic optics and robot. Questions of interest include: (i), How does the insect use compound eyes to perceive environmental information and how is this related to the model of visual neural network system? (ii), What is the decision mechanism of insects with compound eyes to avoid obstacles at a fast spead? Is there a learning-based model to support such a fantastic flying skill? (iii), What can we learning from all living things to build better robots for human kind?

Robotics Competitions. We have a passionate student team in namer of our lab CVIR to participate in the popular Robomaster competition on behalf of CUST. We also have some Open Projects(OP) for Bsc students including object detection and segmentation(OP1), object tracking and avoidance(OP2) and non-contact Medical data measurement on UAV and UGV platfroms, as well as other creative programmes.

… and more.